Storytime with Data


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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 23 2020
  • Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

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Oct 23 2020


10:30 am - 12:00 pm



Storytime with Data

Presenter: Drew Fones, Analytic Manager, Wells Fargo
Drew loves data and the things it can bring. “Building Bridges Between Business & Data” best describes his career. He has ten years of university including an MBA, MS, and doctoral training. He has been an adjunct instructor at Grand Canyon University for over a decade. He has also worked with other universities as a speaker, advisor, and in a research capacity.

He is currently in charge of the Analytics, Insights, & Strategy group at Wells Fargo for their small business lending operations. In the past, Drew was a Managing Director, Consulting, for (Ontario based) and Head of Advanced Analytics, for TransUnion Canada. With an additional 20 years at large firms like American Express and start-ups, working & residing in 4 different countries, he lives & breathes the importance of data in an organization.

Presenter: Kimberly Herrington, Data Journalist, Blue Cross/Blue Shield New York
Kim is a data storyteller and community builder dedicated to the transformational promise of data literacy. Kim Herrington is a Data Journalist at BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York (BCBS). Prior to her current role at BCBS, she had been working in the healthcare analytics field for 5 years. While her career path has maintained a focus on healthcare since 2004, it has paralleled a range of topics from Administration, Digital Marketing, and Customer Service to Event Planning. She has extensive experience in applying creative process and performance improvements in analytic and healthcare operations. This unique range of experience combined with her communications expertise has made her an effective analytics translator and culture change champion. Kimberly holds a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration from D’Youville College and a Bachelors in Biology from SUNY Oswego. Kim is married and she has one daughter.


This talk will be an introduction on utilizing already captured data and portraying it in such a way that others can use it in making decisions. Think of this as an entry-level class, not a mastery of making perfect Tableau or PowerBI, but one of fundamental learning as to why it matters and what considerations are needed to succeed.

Participants will also be presented with thinking about how to draw attention to salient points in the data without giving an information overload. Some practical public sector examples will be discussed with opportunities for feedback into considerations for similarities/differences compared to what the private sector views holistically.

The end result will be a comprehension of some of the key areas to focus on in data visualization when creating a narrative with data.


Basic knowledge of dashboard charts and some idea of the software available. A desire to be open to new things and an understanding that not all aspects of Visualization require fancy artistic skills nor technical wizardry of certain software programs.

Learning Topics

  1. What is the purpose of visualizations?
    a. An introduction to data storytelling
    b. Why data matters
    c. Questions to ask
  2. Data Visualizations
    a. Data itself
    b. Too much data!
    c. What makes a good viz/bad viz?
  3. Application
    a. How do you measure success?
    b. To the Public Sector
    c. For a student career
    d. Current contest
  4. Q&A

This session will be interactive with plenty of opportunity to ask questions along with some other class participation.

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