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Be part of a vibrant community of professionals and students who see data analysis and visualization as a key driver of the decision-making process. You can learn, teach, participate, or just audit and become more comfortable with these new technologies.

Participate and enhance your skillset by attending these sessions created and ran by industry experts. Learn how to use the tools at your disposal to yield stronger and faster results.

Go head-to-head with your students, colleagues, other universities, or other institutions in a series of rigorous challenges that will test your data visual acumen. Compete for cash-prizes, swag, and having monuments built in your name (or just bragging rights).

Develop and enhance your skillset, while learning the relevant technologies to the industry and making a name for yourself as an analyst and strategist. Being able to take actionable insights from raw or filtered data is a crucial skill, and we aim to give you exactly that.

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